Paulette Caveat

Honouring those that paved the way


We were invited to contribute to the creation of a printed booklet to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Paulette Caveat. We began with gratitude for the opportunity and very early recognized the potential of indigenous perspectives to influence the aesthetic direction in deeply meaningful ways.

  • Visual and layout design for print

Figma over InDesign

We chose Figma over InDesign for this print and layout project for it’s rapid collaborative abilities. The value of rapidly capturing multiple iterations and the friction and time we saved in sharing rough ideas enabled us to meet the print deadline without sacrificing client and team participation.

Restoring treasured photographs

We experimented with multiple techniques to restore archival photographs. In the end, we used a combination of AI tools from Adobe, Topaz Labs and Runway ML to restore & colourize the photos.

Restoring the photographs while maintaining their historical aesthetic helped to bring these treasured ancestors closer to the reader. This application of craft and technology towards the purposes of cultural reflection and identity strengthening is a good example of why All Purpose exists.

With Gratitude

We are proud to have played this small role in highlighting the achievements of these incredible Elders and look forward to witnessing Indigenous culture thrive into the future.