Vancouver-based digital creative agency All Purpose is proud to have been selected to redesign Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) training experiences for one of the world’s largest technology companies.

The digital D&I offerings are being based on the resounding successes of earlier All Purpose engagements to help employees understand and actively work against racism, sexual harassment and bullying, and to create more inclusive workplace environments for transgender individuals.

“Partnering with a global leader like our new client presents us with an unparalleled opportunity to engage employees in emotionally compelling dialogue, spark attitude change, and most importantly, prompt action to create an even more inclusive culture,” says Leena Manro, Co-Founder and Director, All Purpose.

This innovative approach is sorely needed across the corporate world. As Manro points out, “when instituted as mandatory, compliance-based training or as remedial interventions, traditional D&I efforts have not done enough to create inclusive, equitable work environments.” At the same time, evidence from more than a thousand studies suggests that most D&I training has produced practically no measurable benefits, with poorly designed programs being met with resistance and even backlash.

However, “by using a proven storytelling- and inquiry-based approach that advances critical thinking and employee awareness of their own implicit biases, All Purpose’s groundbreaking educational experiences will take our clients unparalleled D&I accomplishments to the next level,” Manro says. 

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